Kodo Millet Rava
Kodo Millet Rava Kodo Millet Rava

Kodo Millet Rava

500 gm Kg

It is a rich source of fiber and Vitamin B. The rava is sourced from unpolished Millet kodo and is loaded with antioxidants and fiber that make it suitable for low sugar, high-fiber and gluten-free diets.

You can make a variety of gluten-free dishes with our Millet kodo rava like upma, rava dosa, rava idli, kesari bath, halwa, puddings and so much more.

A tasty fiber rich, diabetic friendly millet with a brownish bran packed with minerals and antioxidants that improve metabolic activity, muscle and nerve health. It is digestion friendly, good for joint pains and gynecological problems and said to reduce obesity.

The millet is cultivated using 100% Organic practices and is suitable for gluten-free and vegan diets.

Enjoy your favorite dishes with our healthy and Millet kodo Rava with love from the heart of a home-maker.


  • Unpolished Kodo Millet Rava

How to store?

Store your favourite Kodo Millet Rava in a cool and dry place. It has a shelf life of  6 months.

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